Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow = Awful

Hey! How's it going everyone? I'm really excited 
to tell you about my week here in Russellville.

Russellville Missionary Apartment

Tuesday: So we got to see a guy named Dick who has the most interesting life ever! Think of anything and he or his family has done it. He was an interpreter for the White House for many years from at least Carter to Clinton, he went to Harvard and went to school in Egypt, he went to bull wrestling school at one point, he is a descendant to the guy that lost in the duel with Andrew Jackson, he owns a home that was very historical in the Civil War, he owns Brazilian chickens, and oh my gosh there is just so much more that I can't even remember it all! It's so cool! We went and visited the lady who watched the Silent Hill movie while we were teaching her (this time it was King Kong with Jack Black) and taught her about baptism and she didn't understand the importance of it after we explained it to her twice. Then we visited Humpy again and taught about the Word of Wisdom, he didn't understand the coffee and tea part, but everything else it made sense to him. Then we got bed bug supplies and started to prepare to use the, for the next day.

Wednesday: So apparently the bed bugs knew we were gonna bomb em, 
because I got devoured by them and I was in agony. They only got my arms, hands and feet, but so awful! I looked like the ferocious beast in Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. So anyway we setup two but bombs and put mattress covers on. So we saw a broadcast that only went out to missionaries and it basically talked about how to be a better missionary and whatnot. Very good talks though. So I forgot to mention last week I think that we got a new investigator named Nikea (Nye key uh). When we talked to her she accepted a Book of Mormon and wanted to know more. So we went back to the house on Wednesday and we didn't get Nikea, we got her sister Rachea (raw Shea) and we taught her about the restoration and she wanted to know more too. She said that Nikea and their Dad were both reading the Book of Mormon so we gave them two more copies! It was awesome! Then we teach a Book of Mormon class and shoveled up snow for four parking spaces and the sidewalk so that people can walk in easily. Only one person came and didn't even use one of the spaces we so kindly shoveled for two hours. Haha it was pretty funny actually. I don't like the snow. Lots of back breaking work. #RIPinpepperoni #wifepoints

Party Pizza!

Thursday: Our entire got cancelled on Thursday. So we got cat litter, dog food, and cat food for Sister Wiebe and helped clean up her spoon room a bit. She has one dog named Lucy and she reminds me of a mix between Kona and Jingle. Aw she is so cute. She also has literally 20 cats. About 12 of them being wild cats and then I think four inside. So like 16 cats. They are so adorable though. I wouldn't be surprised if I got both a dog and a cat when I'm married or something. Then we saw Miss Lynda and she replaced the cat pee stained pillow with a clean one, so I was really thankful for that.

Friday: Friday we did nothing. There was too much snow and the mission 
president told us to stay inside. It was a really long and boring day. The only exciting thing that happened was we went outside in our pjs and de iced the car and made snow angels.

Angel Elder Craig
Angel Elder Ross   

Saturday: We went up to Sister Wiebe's again and got her 10 gallons of 
water since her pipes froze on Wednesday and we have been helping her out, but we got stuck in the snow and that's no good. It took us about an hour to get unstuck. Then after we got unstuck we helped Sister Wiebe get her car out and boy did she almost kill us multiple times. Our entire day was filled with shoveling snow or de icing someone's car. We did it like three times. So today we found out church was cancelled because of the snow. The church parking lot was filled to with snow so much that you couldn't tell where the sidewalk and the parking lot was. So we planned to go to a different church the next day.

Our Car Getting Snowed In

Sunday: Every church cancelled today. We did not go to church. So we ended up watching general conference talks to replace church. We ended up being able to see one person today, Humpy. We taught him about eternal marriage and service. He understood everything except what happens when you remarry and whatnot. So we have to do some research about that. And the only exciting thing that happened was as I wrote in my journal that night, we saw a live smashed cockroach. When I first saw it it looked like a Hercules Beatle and I freaked out because it looked huge! I eventually was able to register what it was and we smashed it a couple of times and took it outside. I also found out my companion's favorite tv show was pretty little liars and I couldn't help but laugh at that! It was too funny!

Other than that there isn't much else to tell. I've had a lot of fun 
going out and doing The Lord's work. There's a lot more service to individuals than I thought there would be, but I love doing it. It makes me feel good being able to help someone. I love everyone out here! I know it's hard to believe that, but I truly do and I can't explain why I love them. I know that this an important work to be doing and I'm really looking forward to the next two years of my life here in Kentucky/Tennessee. I hope you all have a good week! 

Stay classy Sacramento!

Finished Snow Angels -
Angel Elder Craig and Angel Elder Ross


Our car buried in snow.

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