Monday, January 11, 2016

Missionary Arrival in Tennessee

Email from the Tennessee Nashville Mission Office

They have arrived safe and sound. They are on their way to the mission home for a few hours of rest. Tomorrow is orientation in the morning and then to their areas and an exciting and wonderful time in the Tennessee Nashville Mission.

Inside the Nashville, Tennessee Airport
From Far Left - Sister and President Anderson, Elder Cox, Elder?, Elder?, 

Elder McFarland, Sister ?, Elder ?, Sister ?, Elder Hamblin/Batman
Sister ?, Elder Watters, Sister ?, ELDER CRAIG, Sister ?, Elder ?, Sister ?, Sister ?.
Outside the Nashville, Tennessee Airport
From Far Left - Sister?, Elder?, Sister?, Elder?, Elder ?, Sister ? Sister?
Elder Hamblin/Batman, Elder ?, Sister ?, Elder Watters, Sister ?, Sister ?,
Elder McFarland, Elder Cox, ELDER CRAIG,
Sister and President Anderson

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