Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lose it!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

My New Area

Unfortunately, not a lot happened this week. Plus I can't remember
anyone of who we saw, so I'll try my best.

Monday: We went and saw Dick and he took us to he Colonial Inn. It had
terrible food. Then we had dinner at the Hoots. Nothing special. We
also went to the Covingtons house to have them sign my book before I
left. Then lots of packing.

Tuesday: Brother and Sister Abney were very kind enough to take us to
transfers. And so I got to meet my new companion, Elder Powell. I
didn't really know how to feel about him at first because the whole
car ride was pretty silent. Brother Hirsche and his son, CJ, were kind
enough to bring us back to good old Marion, Illinois. They took us to
a place called Backyard Burger and it was pretty good. So I got to our
new house and kind of started unpacking. And yes we live in a house.
It's a lot better than my last apartment. The only thing was it had a
mildew smell to it, but you guys know me. I don't have a great sense
of smell, so it didn't last long. But it's a nice small house with
lots of room. It has about five rooms, the bedroom, the study room,
the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and a small space for the
laundry room. It's very nice. I don't feel cramped anymore. Anyway, we
went tracting for a small part of the day. Then a member, Brother
Meservy, took us out on splits to see a couple of people. No one
worked out unfortunately, but he was pretty positive about it. Then we
went to the ward mission leader's house. He was sick so we gave him a
blessing. And then we went home. Elder Powell like movies and comics
and we get along pretty well so far.

Wednesday: We went to district meeting. We went with the Eldorado
branch. We went to their apartment and then they took us, so basically
we switch off who gets to do that every week. The district so far is
so so but I enjoy listening to their conversations. All the Elders
went to Taco Bell to eat. We went to Paducah for the district meeting
is what I should have said at the beginning. Anyway, after district
meeting, we went tracting and got yelled at for "soliciting." It was
great. Then we ate at the Meservy's for dinner. It was good ribeye.
Afterwards, CJ came out with us to see an investigator named Mike. He
really loves the gospel and wants to learn more. We taught him the
Plan of Salvation. It was a good lesson. Then we talked to a less
active named Sarah who works at a gas station for awhile then went

Thursday: It was pouring all day. We tried this one investigator, but
we couldn't even get inside the complex, so we went to Herrin and
tried a few potentials and went to Hardee's for lunch. We met a guy
named Ed who we were going to move their house, but they decided
against it. Ed is very proud of his Native American heritage and has
his own bead shop(?). We talked about how he would like the Book of
Mormon because that's exactly who it talks about and he told us we
could come back. We tracted and as we were tracting this sweet lady
answers the door and talks about her ministry and then she says "I'm
sure we believe in the same thing, but-" then her husband busts
through the door saying "oh no they don't! We don't have any
similarities at all! They aren't even Christian! Joseph Smith and the
magic hat?!" Then slams the door. It was hilarious. Then we saw a less
active and talked to him for a little bit. We talked about Final
Fantasy and Fist of the North Star. It was interesting. Then we went
to the Crawford's for dinner and they were such a cute family! They
made this really good chicken salad where they put brown sugar on the
chicken and stuff. It was so good! The Brother Crawford came with us
to see people. Then we went home.

Friday: We wasted a lot of miles because I forgot the church key. We
went to do weekly planning. Not much happened except the Melvin's took
us to Mike's drive in to eat. And I felt prompted to give this guy on
the street a pamphlet and turned out he was Buddhist. It threw me off.
Then we talked to Sarah at the gas station and went to meet the
Kennedy's after. The Kennedy's are basically our ward mom. Their
daughter reminds me of the main girl in Freaks and Geeks. They are a
great family

Saturday: We went on splits with a guy named Doug Philips. We walked
to a guy's house and taught him the restoration. He said he would keep
an open mind, but I'm not sure if he will actually read the Book of
Mormon. We went to the Kennedy's for dinner and Elder Powell and David
kept showing us magic tricks. The we took David to see a less active
and she was a talker. She kept us there for maybe two hours. I don't
think I said one thing except introducing myself.

Sunday: I met the ward and don't remember anyone. I also had to do a
presentation that Elder Powell forgot to mention to me about, during
third hour about member missionary work. It went okay. We went and
taught Mike again and shared a conference talk with him. Then we ate
with Doug Philips.

That's was our week. It was kind of weird. Anyway, I hope y'all have a
good week! Here is a picture of a snapping turtle.

Elder Powell eating a crawdad!

Elder Powell