Friday, January 1, 2016

MTC - First Week

Hey I am alive. I am at the MTC and it is pretty fun over here. There was no stress yesterday, but now I feel a little bit overwhelmed of the "homework" I have to do. I have to prepare a 30 minute lesson for Sunday and teach an "investigator" on Saturday and I feel hecka low on time. My companion is Elder McFarland. We get along pretty well, we are both quiet, but kind of manage to be able to talk somehow. They told us we had five minutes to tell you we are safe and sound, but I hope you were safe getting home. You were in my prayers. I read some of the letters you put in my bag. Very niceu shizachan! Jojo :P Anyway I am really feeling the spirit here and I hope to send an email soon. I still have to take pictures, but nothing has come up yet. Anyway gotta go! Bye! Love ya guys!

Elder Craig

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