Monday, January 18, 2016

More from Pday January 18th

Some additional updates from our email conversation today....

Colton's acid reflux is out in full force this week. He sent me a list of symptoms and I sent him back a list of foods that he should avoid. After getting the food list he said that must be it because he was eating stuff like Top Ramen.  

Colton's camera was late arriving in time for him to take to the MTC, so we ended up buying a disposable to use there and I sent the camera to him a week into his MTC stay. Last week I sent a postage paid envelope for him to return the disposable camera to me so I can develop it. He sent it back today, so hopefully we'll have more pictures in the next week.

Colton can read his email every day, so keep the emails coming!!

On the weather...."Kentucky is cold...15-20 degrees, but I'm managing fine."

Asked Colton if he told Humpy about Grandpa's bear and he said...."And I told him about the bear already and we had a nice long chat."

On his food situation....."We usually eat at home unless the investigators or members invite us to dinner. We grocery shopped today but Elder Ross has planned for the hibernation season so we already had lots of food. I just bought like some chips or something today at Walmart." 

What does he eat for dinner at home? "Top ramen and cereal and whatever Elder Ross offers to cook for me. We haven't been at the apartment to eat that often so I haven't attempted to cook yet.

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