Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Beaver Banging His Own Drum

Four months out and twenty more to go! But man, it has been going by
fast, and I can only imagine how much faster it will get. I hope all
of you enjoy my emails. So we ended up biking/walking a lot this week
because we ran out of miles and it felt really slow, but at least we
got some exercise in.

Monday: Pday. Elder McCoy cut his own hair and when he tried to do it
the first time, I was quite worried about him to be honest. It looked
awful when he came out of the bathroom. He finally used the
instructions that he had got with the clippers he had bought and it
looked way better. We got to see Tim. He was drunk. We talked about
pressing forward in Christ and he told us the reason he didn't come to
church was because he felt guilty about drinking all the time. We told
him he still could, but he felt too embarrassed I guess. We also
cleaned a lot.

Tuesday: We got up early because we had to go to Hop Town
(Hopkinsville) for zone conference. This time I paid attention to
every single training. I loved all of them. I learned a lot. That was
also the last zone conference that President and Sister Andersen were
going to be at because they're going to leave in June. We will have a
new Mission President named President Stone. I'm sad that they're
leaving, but oh well, life goes on. The only other thing to mention is
that we went to Mary and Marilyn's house and Mary is improving on the
commandments much more than I thought she would. It was awesome!

Wednesday: We biked to Brother Stockton's house and helped him paint
some of his walls and mow his lawn. Elder McCoy ended up mowing the
lawn while it was raining. Haha it was funny. We walked to Frans house
and as we were walking, we spotted a member who was having a hard time
putting furniture in her car, so we helped her with that and continued
to Frans. She was busy. We walked to the church and tracted some
houses along the way. It was really exhausting. We "taught" seminary
and read some of the Book of Mormon with Brother Bailey. Brother
Bailey gave us a ride home, which was really nice of him.

Thursday: So before I get started, we had not a lot of miles left. So
we were going to conserve them today, but it ended up not happening.
So at zone conference, someone gave us a phone because they found it
in their area and it ended up belonging to someone halfway to
Adairville and Russellville. So we drove to their house and dropped it
off. Another thing, I forgot to mention last week that one of our
formers named Tonya Steele contacted us wanting to take the lessons
again, it was very surprising because she would never respond to our
texts when Elder Ross and I taught her, so we dropped her because she
wouldn't setup an appointment. So Brother Bailey was going to take us,
but cancelled. So we drove 20 miles to get there and 20 back. It was
awful. But the lesson was good. So we got home and rode our bikes. We
had Sister Sweet come to teach temples to Mary and Marilyn. They loved
her. We had dinner with Sister Wiebe. We also saw Miss Lynda and tried
teaching her the restoration, but we cut it short because it was past
our curfew and she just kept talking about how she believes in the
gift of tongues.

Friday: We biked to the church for weekly planning. It was pretty
exhausting. We tried Fran on the way back, but she was busy. So we
walked to Miss Lynda's neighborhood and tracted for awhile. We met
this guy who has met with the missionaries before. We asked him about
what he thought of the message that they shared and he responded with
"everyone loves hearing the beaver bang his own drum." And we were
just confused. He said after that, "I switched our conversation to
politics." And with that we were way more confused! So after seeing a
bunch of people, we were walking home in the dark in pretty much a
wooded area and a car stopped and picked us up to take us home. It was
very nice of them to do that. I also attempted to sew my belt loop
back onto my pants, but I kept messing up so I just used hem tape to
keep it on there.

Saturday: We started walking to this one house to help this guy move.
The Shoemakes picked us up to help them. Elder McCoy had to sit on
everyone's lap in the back because of how cramped it was. So we helped
this guy move and it was really fun. Elder McCoy really struggled
lifting and turning everything, even though he lifts weights every
morning :P haha. Jake and Gage knew what my Attack on Titan shirt was
and I was surprised to find out that the older couple we were moving
knew what it was too. After that, we ended up talking to this one lady
for a really long time. She told us she never sees a stranger and to
call her Granny. She told us we can come back and park our bikes in
her yard if we ever need to. We got to see Humpy and read Moroni 10
with him and got him to commit to read the Book of Mormon. Then we ate
dinner at the Sweet's. No moose this time haha.

Sunday: We had fast and testimony meeting which means I was exhausted
all day from fasting, but at least we got our miles back! We went to
see a potential and she said she read the pamphlet and went on! That is the first time someone has done that! She was very
interested in learning about it, but she told us she isn't interested
in joining because she has been a baptist all of her life and doesn't
like change. She said there were very good points about our church
though. I didn't even mind dropping her because she did a lot more
than what other people would do. I was still a little sad though. So
we tried several former investigators and they either all moved or
weren't there. We went to the Pentecostal church again because I
wanted Elder McCoy to experience people getting the Holy Ghost, but
then all the preaching and stuff was pointing towards us. Saying we
don't understand and whatnot and basically just trying to convert us.
We won't be going back for awhile.

That's it for this week. It was kind of slow, but eh that's what
happens when you run out of miles. One thing that I have learned over
my life is that there will be many trials in our lives. Whether it
being the difficulty of riding a bike up a hill, or the loss of loved
ones. Sometimes we blame others or God when those things happen,
especially the emotional problems, but God sees what is best for us in
order for us to grow. Therefore, if you endure these trials well, the
blessings will come. D&C 58:3-4; D&C 121:7-8. I hope y'all have a good
week! I love you!

Elder Craig

Just some pics of me with Sister Wiebe's new kittens.

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