Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Goodbye Kentucky, Hello........Illinois?!

Yup that's right I'm leaving. Where to? You'll have to read the rest
of the email to find out! Let's go!

Monday: P day. Helped Sister Summers mow her lawn and tracted and got
two potentials.

Tuesday: In the morning, we went to Morgantown to do exchanges. The
district leader came with me back to Russellville. So Elder McCoy went
to Leitchfield with Elder Neyman and I got Elder Haley. He is pretty
cool. So we got back home and waited there so that we could get a ride
from Brother Bailey to go see Tonya Steele, but he was an hour late,
so we told stories to each other in the mean time. We got to Tonya's
and set a baptismal date with her for June 4th! It was great! Then we
went to Brother Stockton's to clean his gutters with a leaf blower. It
was fun. Then we saw Miss Lynda and then went store contacting for the
rest of the night.

Wednesday: We went to district meeting and took photos of the
district. We got to see Humpy as well and we were about to start a
debate with him, but I stopped it and said, "look the only way you can
know for yourself is if you pray about it." And he agreed so he said
he would. Then we had Book of Mormon class and I got a package from
the Dolloff's! Thank you so much! It was delicious! And I have two
more Pokemon from you! Three more and I'll have a full team!

Thursday: Everything got cancelled. The only thing that happened was
tracting, helping Sister Wiebe shop, and having dinner at her house.

Friday: We had weekly planning and then basically rode bikes for the
rest of the day trying potentials and whatnot. The only thing that
happened was, President Andersen had Elder McCoy call him and Elder
McCoy is having a baby! Which means he is just training. Which meant I
knew I was leaving, but to where? I don't know. So we went to the
Coots house and I dropped off my testimony book for them to sign.

Saturday: We saw a potential that morning and he said he would read
the Book of Mormon. Then we went to Sister Wiebe's and mowed her lawn.
While we were there, transfer calls came in. And I am leaving The
Russellville branch to go to the Foxcroft Ward. Which is in Marion,
Illinois of all places. I thought I was gonna go to Tennessee but I
guess not. So Sister Wiebe gave me a derby glass. Very nice of her.
Then I said goodbye to Humpy. He was sad I was leaving too. The rest
of the day was packing.

Sunday: I went to church and bore my testimony and told how much i
loved everyone of them. I got the youth to sign my book. A lot of
people said they were going to miss me so I was kind of glad about
that. I also said goodbye to Miss Lynda, Sister Summers, and Mary and
Marilyn. We also had a lesson with someone who let us in during
tracting. The rest of the day was just packing.

Well, this is the end of my story in Russellville, until I come back.
I'm truly going to miss it. My lesson and very nice analogy is that
everyday is a blank canvas. Remember you don't have to go by the books
to tell you how to paint. "You can pick your favorite colors. There's
no paint by number for you to go by. With every single shade, you
create a beautiful life." Remember to make it your day. I hope y'all
have a good week! And I'll let you know my new address as soon as

Elder McCoy and Me
Left to right in front of the chalkboard:
Elder Haley, Elder Casey, Sister Mortensen, Sister Wellisch, myself,
Elder Anders. Behind the chalkboard from left to right is: Elder
Neyman and Elder McCoy.

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