Sunday, May 15, 2016

Not Much

Hello once again! Let's get started shall we?

Monday: We bought a dozen donuts and ate them all for pday. It was
pretty filling. Afterwards we tracted and ran into a less active and
shared the Easter video with her. The video talks about how we can
live with our families again and we just so happened to come on her
dads birthday who died in a car accident years ago. It was very
surreal. We talked about her dad for a long time and left. We went
home and I didn't eat dinner because I had a huge migraine and I felt
sick so I just went to bed.

Tuesday: Brother Abney came with us to see Mary and Marilyn. Marilyn
was asleep the entire time and Mary was just depressed about a lot of
things so it was kind of an awkward visit. Then we had dinner with the
Abneys. We helped Brother Stockton get something and then he kept
telling us about his colonoscopy and how he had to prep for it. I
couldn't stop laughing.

Wednesday: We had district meeting and had lots of fun there. Right
after we went to Bowling Green to get our oil changed and tired
changed as well. So we spent the rest of the day kind of touring it
because we had nothing else to do while we were waiting. We went into
some shops and stuff and took pictures. Right afterwards we went back
and did our Book of Mormon class.

Thursday: We helped shop with Sister Wiebe and did some chores as
well. We helped Mary and Marilyn move for three hours and just put it
in their storage. Then we had a lesson with them and Brother Bailey.
It went well.

Friday: We had weekly planning and tracted a really long time. We got
four new investigators. It was awesome. The Coots fed us and it was a
great dinner. I always really enjoy talking to them.

Saturday: Every single little plan that we had fell through. So we
tracted and tried seeing some formers. We did see a less active family
and showed them a video but it was a short lesson because they were
watching the hunger games mocking jay part 2.

Sunday: Had fun at church and got to talk to my family on skype. It
was a great reunion.

Sorry there wasn't much to talk about this week, but I hoped you
enjoyed it. Remember that sometimes things don't go our way. And that
there may be an opposition in the world, but remember that if we don't
have opposition, we wouldn't know happiness. 2 Nephi 2:11. I hope
y'all have a good week! Thanks! Bye!

Elder Craig

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