Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tracting, Tracting, Preacher

Honestly I'm not sure how to start off this email, so I'm gonna kind
of skip to the enjoyable part of reading this email.

Monday: Most of the day was Elder Ross packing and myself cleaning up
the apartment. We did get to eat at the Hutchisons place for dinner.
It was good. It was called Captain D's. It's a fast food fish place
that the south has.

Tuesday: Brother Cook (just moved into the branch) took us to
Nashville and dropped off Elder Ross and picked up the new one, Elder
McCoy. Elder McCoy had a lot more stuff than Elder Ross, I didn't
think it was possible. When we got back to Russellville, we got a
referral from Bowling Green. We tried him and he lived at a homeless
shelter and he was a huge talker! We said like 7 things to him and he
would always interrupt. It was great though. He is a less active and
we are trying to get him back to church. We saw Mary and Marilyn and
we answered any questions they had on the gospel. We shared Ether
12:27 with them and I saw Mary's mouth moving at the same time Elder
McCoy was reading and Mary had already memorized that scripture!!! It
was so awesome!! We gave them a couple of scriptures to read too. We
went to Miss Lynda's and Elder McCoy was dying of laughter at her. She
kept on yelling at the cats and it was just hilarious. When we got
back to the apartment, Elder McCoy had a huge thing of whey protein in
his bag. I guess you could say that his bags were "wheyed" down! Haha.
But no he had a lot of stuff in his bags.

Meet Elder McCoy
Wednesday: We went to district meeting and I have a training on
teaching skills. It went okay. Then we saw a bunch of people and then
dropped them like they were flies. They weren't progressing and Elder
Ross never would drop them. We went to a fundraising auction that our
branch put on. It was for girls camp. Someone paid $100 for her Mom's
own pecan pie. It was great. We went because I wanted the branch to
meet the new elder. People kept giving us food too! It was very nice
of them, but it was also like "no! We have no room in the fridge!" So
we ended up taking lasagna, a cake, a brownie and something else that
we ate home.

Thursday: Besides tracting for two hours that day, we saw Mary and
Marilyn and let them know what they need to do in order to get
baptized. They are willing to do whatever it takes, but it may end up
taking a long time. We went to Sister Wiebe's and ate dinner at her
house. It was good. It was a tater tot casserole.

Friday: Not much happened. We ended up moving the Sweet's into their
new home and took up the entire day. It was fun though. It reminded me
of my old job.

Saturday: We did weekly planning and then went to Sister Wiebe's and
mowed her lawn. Afterwards, we read some of Joseph Smith History. We
did so much tracting like maybe two hours of it. I also realized it
was becoming hot so this was the first day I wore my shirtsleeve
shirt. We went biking to Humpy's house and when we got there, his
preacher was there. So Humpy wanted us to tell him about Joseph Smith
and the Book of Mormon. So we start kind of teaching and of course, he
counter argues with it. So we start debating basically, and the only
good that came out of it, was that I realized I could probably answer
anyone's questions. I need to realize when to stop though because it
never did anything. We weren't like yelling at each other though, it
was just a friendly discussion. He wouldn't let us answer any of his
questions though because he kept interrupting. He also told me I was
going to be a baptist in the future because "I look like someone who
was raised that way" and whatnot. It was almost insulting really.
After that we talked to Humpy and my favorite part was he took a
bottle of orange juice from the back of his truck and there was a dead
snake that he killed and he showed us and he scared the preacher and
his wife, so it was pretty great. We talked to Humpy and now he is
doubting Joseph Smith. He also told us that he felt like we were
ignoring his problems. He said he wasn't mad at us or anything, but I
feel like the preacher said something to him. Because I have done
nothing but be concerned about him. I'm really sad though because
Humpy is one of the investigators that I absolutely love. I love him
as if he were my own brother and I wouldn't doubt that if we left on
bad terms that I would cry. I hope that he is willing to listen next
time we go.

Sunday: We had church and it was nice. We did 2-3 hours of tracting
and it was so hot! Man I'm not looking forward to summer. The only
thing really worth mentioning is that Elder McCoy got to experience a
Pentecostal church for the first time. It was kind of a disappointing
service, but still enjoyable.

Okay so now I feel like I have to explain a couple of things. So the
reason why we did so much tracting is because we dropped a lot of
people and don't have a good teaching pool anymore. So we needed new
investigators. Another thing, Elder McCoy is pretty cool. He is a
health nut, but has a weakness for sweets. He ended up eating the
entire brownie sheet in two days by himself. I get along with him very
well. He is from (yes you guessed it) Utah and really likes hunting
and fishing and any outdoorsy stuff (the opposite of me really). Also
since I've been in Russellville longer, I get to be the designated
driver, which is not fun because I want to relax in the car! Haha

But this has been a good week and I'm glad I got to share it with
y'all. Something I learned from my studies this week is this
scripture, Ether 12:6. Remember that we may hope for things to happen,
but we do not witness it until after the trial of faith. We must act
to gain that faith, not just sit and wait for it to happen. I hope
y'all have a good week. Bye!

Elder Craig

The view from the church building - glad I don't have to mow this!

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