Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hello one and all! It is great to finally talk to you again! Before I
get started I just wanted to tell you all if you want to mail me
something at all, send it to the address below because next week is
transfers and I'm not sure if I'm moving, so everyone just send it to
this address from now on so that I may for sure get your mail. And if
you have a package you want to send, I suggest using priority mail
from usps because the address is the mission office and if you use
that, then they can just resend it to the address I'm currently at (via forwarding), 

if they get anything else (shipped via another method), it will just 
sit at the mission office until next zone conference, and I'd rather 
get the package sooner rather than later. 
Thank y'all and I hope you enjoy this weeks email!

Elder Colton Craig
1646 Sunset Rd
Brentwood, TN 37027

Monday: P day happened. Afterwards we went with President Coots to an
appointment, but it fell through. But because of our awesome branch
president, he had a referral so we went to it and she is super
interested in hearing more about our church.

Tuesday: Sister Wiebe called us that morning and started bawling
because her cat, Edie Wiebe, has been missing for about a week and she
thinks that the coyotes got her. We tried cheering her up that
morning, and that's what we did. We helped her clean out "the corner."
The corner is this corner where the cats just don't care that there
isn't a litter box there and just take a dump, and she hadn't cleaned
it the entire time I've been here, was scary. Afterwards
we saw Humpy and he was trying to drill a hole into something. I tried
helping him but I ended up breaking his drill bit by accident. So I
ended up not helping him so that I can not break more of his stuff. We
shared a video and talked about general conference with us. Then we
tried taking Brother Abney to Mary and Marilyn's and because of
circumstances we had to go back later so we ate dinner at the Abney's
house and then went back. We taught tithes and fast offerings to them.
They had some concerns, but we were able to answer them.

Wednesday: We had district meeting and Elder Ross and I had to make an
activity, so we got each companion to do a three legged race, recite
The Vision of the South that we recite every morning with each
companion saying one word alternately, then tie a knot together as a
companionship. It was fun. We saw a couple of people and reminded them
of general conference. Also we saw a guy at the old folks home and he
tried get something and as he was doing that, he flashed us by
accident a couple of times. It was very awkward.

Thursday: We went over to Brother Stockton's and helped him move more
stuff. We ate lunch with him and read the ensign with him. We tried
seeing people, but they weren't there. So we saw Mary and Marilyn and
taught them the law of chastity. Kinda awkward. Sister Coots came with
us to an appointment and they fell through so we saw some people named
Mimi and Blue and taught them the plan of salvation. Mimi had tons of
questions and we were able to answer them, but Sister Coots made it
sound so relatable than how we were teaching it, it was just awesome!
After that we ate at Sister Weibe's house. Very good enchiladas. Also
we took the time that day to clean our apartment because our landlord
said he was going to do inspections, so we kind of rearranged some
furniture too.

Friday: For April Fool's Day, I remembered during the first week with
Elder Ross that he mentioned he hates the toilet paper roll being
upside down and he would get very irritated at his companions for
doing that, so I decided that every time I went into the bathroom that
day, to turn the toilet paper roll upside down. He was angry. It was
great. He turned the tables on me when he replaced the jelly with the
jam. Well played Elder Ross. Jam is awful. Anyway we did weekly
planning and then tried people but weren't there. We rode our bikes to
Humpy's and Fran's. Humpy wasn't feeling it today because his wife
passed out and needed medical attention. So we are seeing him Monday,
but invited him to general conference. We read the Book of Mormon with

Saturday: So for missionaries, when we watch general conference we
have to move into the church and watch it there just in case anybody
shows up, which they don't. So we ended up eating and staying there
pretty much Saturday and Sunday. Sister Wiebe came for the first
session and made delicious meatloaf for us. She loved one talk because
it mentioned politics in it. Also I'm fairly sure I heard my institute
teachers name when they were calling new Seventies. My favorite talks
were all from the priesthood session. I loved President Uchtdorfs talk

Sunday: Pretty much the same thing happened Saturday. Elder Ross made
taco soup and it was good. We are finally done with 12 week and I'm no
longer considered a "greenie" it's great. We cleaned up the church.
Then we went to Sister Wiebe's, and Elder Ross and her had a heated
discussion about some of the church's choices in the past. And I was
able to feel the spirit and bear my testimony of why that had to
happen. She loved it and now is hopefully a little less hard hearted
about it.

That's my week! It's great. I wonder what the title will be? Probably
General Conference because I can't think of title. There, it's General
Conference. I'm so good at making titles it's just amazing. Remember
that even though you or someone else has made a poor decision because
the spirit tells you, just remember that there is a reason for that.
Whether it be experience in this life or to learn a new lesson, God
does it for us to grow as much as possible. I testify that this church
is true even though they've gone through some ups and downs. Remember
to doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. I love you all and I
hope you have a good week!

Elder Craig

(PS - this added by Mom - Colton was VERY happy to hear from Molly this week via email! Hearing from her seemed to really lift his spirits...and I'm hoping this encourages you all to send him even a quick little note this week!)
Elder Ross and ELDER CRAIG after a full day of service work on our P-day.

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