Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Man what a week! A lot happened this week! So I hope y'all enjoy it.

Monday: We ended P day pretty early. We went to go to Mary and
Marilyn's apartment to help them pack some stuff up in boxes. As we
were there, their niece or something wouldn't do something for them,
so they started arguing and the kid was screaming and stuff and man it
was just super awkward being in that. After we helped with that, we
saw some random older couple cutting up branches from a bush and so we
asked if we could help. They accepted and after we got done we asked
them if they've heard about our church and their reply was, "honey
everyone knows Mitt Romney." And we were just....I don't know. Then we
went to Humpy's and read the Book of Mormon with him. We asked him to
pray about it every time we read it and he agreed. He even prayed it
in front of us which is a huge step!

Tuesday: We got to see Dick that day and showed him the Easter video.
We went to a Mexican restaurant and ate with him there. I ate my
entire huge 10 inch burrito and was stuffed, but then Dick wanted to
get some flan. And I hate flan and was not looking forward to it, but
they were out, thankfully, so he got us some fried ice cream. Fried
ice cream is not that great. It's just this scoop of ice cream with
corn flakes on it in a fried tortilla bowl. The corn flakes threw off
my ice cream. We didn't eat dinner because we were so full. After
Dick's, we went to the Sweet's new house to help build a fence around
A FORTY ACRE PROPERTY! We didn't do much, so I'm not really
complaining. All we did was put barbed wire around some of the fence
and then had to dig two holes for two poles. We didn't have an auger
unfortunately, so it was really difficult. After that, we mowed both
lawns at Sister Wiebe's before it got dark. It was an exhausting day.
We went to bed early.

District photo: From left to right Elder Ross, Elder Anders, Elder Mecham, myself, Sister Merrell, Sister Mortenson, Elder Haley, Elder Neyman

Wednesday: We went to district meeting for the last time with those
same exact people because this week was the end of the transfer. We
got to play that game where you alternate using a sentence and drawing
a picture of the sentence. It was fun and I wish I knew what it was
called. We went to Sister Summers afterwards and shared a video with
her. We also gave her a blessing of the sick while we were there
because she has been going to the hospital a lot lately. We got a text
from Sister Coots asking if we would like to come over for pizza,
cake, and ice cream. And how can missionaries say no to that?! It was
very nice of them to feed us, but in return we helped them move in a
roll of carpet and a trampoline in their house, so not too bad. The
reason why there were those food was because it was Caleb's birthday.
It was fun seeing the Coots though. We also had Book of Mormon class
and it was nice.

Thursday: We went transcribing first thing in the morning then helped
Sister Wiebe with some shopping. We saw Brother Stockton and his
friend Shirley was there. We were talking to Brother Stockton for a
long time and Shirley would ask us about our lives, but then Brother
Stockton would answer rudely for us, to the point where Shirley didn't
talk to us the rest of the time. It was a little awkward. We went to
Mary and Marilyn's and this kid, who we found out is Marilyn's great
grandson, asked us who we were. Once we told him who we were and how
we were going to do "bible study" with them, he joined. We taught them
about following the prophet and showed President Monson's short talk.
During the entire lesson, the kid kept interrupting and just asking
questions at the wrong time. The kid left halfway through thankfully.
We gave him a Book of Mormon. We answered any of their questions and
then left basically. We went to Sister Wiebe's for dinner and I gave
her my testimony book so that she can write in it.

Friday: We had our weekly planning session that day. So our entire
day's plans went down the drain because we saw everyone the day
before, so basically we tried seeing people we didn't get to see. We
went to Mimi and Blue's and shared the talk from President Monson.
Blue asked us afterwards if we were doing anything the next day. We
had a free spot in our day so we said no. He asked if we could come to
their 4 year olds birthday party because he wanted "good influences"
to be there. So we agreed.

Saturday: Today was the transfer call, but for whatever reason, the
zone leaders took forever to tell us. So I'm gonna go in order for the
day. We went to Sister Wiebe's and made a puzzle with her. It was fun.
We left and went to Mimi and Blue's to go to their kids birthday
party. And it was not a fun party. We spent two hours there! First
hour was us playing with the kids with balloons and the other hour was
literally me getting hit on! Let me tell you some things first, Mimi's
Dad and his girlfriend came (I'm fairly sure they had a 30 year
difference between them) and this neighbor kid and his 21 year old
relative came over too. The 21 year old liked to talk about her ex
boyfriend and how he was awful. The dad kept talking about how he
doesn't know how many children he has because he was with so many
different women. He even told us a story about how his wife stabbed
him in the back five times with scissors. And apparently he knew the
relationship was over, not when she stabbed him, but when he took the
scissors out of his back. So anyway, the 21 year old (she's black, the
reason I say her race is really important, so write it down so you can
remember) talks to Mimi a little bit and Mimi just says, "Elder Craig!
It sounds like you got an admirer!" And I thought it was her 3 year
old daughter at first, but then Mimi points to the 21 year old (I
never got her name). And then Mimi says, "she likes the tall handsome
ones!" And well I just took it as a compliment the first time, so I
didn't really react to it, but it got worse from there. Mimi is still
talking to her and then, "Now she's planning on your children!" "Yup!
A mixed baby named Jerry Ray." And I just thought, "that's a terrible
name." So she decided to talk to me for awhile. She got my attention
by saying, "Yo! Jehovah!" I really couldn't help but laugh at that. I
told her I was from California and she said she stayed at Chico State
and the Bay Area, she also mentioned how much partying she did with
drugs and how much money you can get selling drugs in California. Then
Mimi asked if I wanted vanilla or chocolate ice cream. I said vanilla
and the girl says, "you don't like chocolate?!" And I just....I
can't.....Anyway the dad comes up to us at the end and talks about how
wrong it is to have an all boys or all girls school and how
homosexuality is wrong and homosexuals shouldn't have children. And
just....what even was this party? We got the transfer calls after that
and the results are.............Elder Ross is leaving and I'm staying.
He is going to Galliton, Tennessee. I'm getting some nerd named Elder
McCoy. I hope he is cool. I'm a little stressed taking over an area,
but I'm sure I can do it. We went to Sister Wiebe's and finished the
second 3D puzzle and made frosting.

Sunday: We went to branch council and it ended really early so we
ended up talking to the youth for 45 minutes before church. After
church, we got to see Payton Covington get baptized! It was so
spiritual! I couldn't believe how awesome it was! I could tell Payton
could feel the spirit so strong. The Covingtons invited us to Payton's
and Mackenzie's birthday party. We obviously accepted! The Covingtons
are awesome! The entire party was full of Disney things and it was
very cool. The rest of the day was just kind of visiting people that
Elder Ross wanted to say bye to and packing.

That's my week. It was super weird! But interesting. I enjoyed it
though. So I'm staying in Russellville and I will be getting a new
companion. As much as I am stressing about taking over an area, I know
the Holy Ghost will guide me. After all he is my constant companion
and I know that he will direct me in the way God wants me to go. I
hope y'all have a good week! I took a lot of pictures this week for
once. So look forward to that! I love y'all!

Elder Craig

Elder Ross is a shopaholic!
I found a bagged pickle and am thoroughly disappointed with the world.

Elder Ross has a shrine of photos above his bed. 
I found Dio's house!
At Mimi and Blue's party.
I don't know this child. It's that neighbor kid of theirs.
3D puzzles we did at Sister Weibe's 

At church with Keige Shoemake (left) and Caleb Coots (right)
Covington's birthday party
Spoon room
Tall one is Haleigh Covington, bottom left child is Payton Covington, bottom right is Mackenzie Covington

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