Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We Are Bad Mormons

Hello again! How are you guys doing? This week has been pretty good,
so let me tell you about it.

Monday: Someone sent us bed bug stuff in the mail with no return
address, so that was kind of sketch. I made mac and cheese for the
first time. It was delicious.

Tuesday: So we decided to go tracting for once and we knocked on one
house and then I decided I had to use the bathroom so badly, that we
needed to go to the nearest store and use it, so that was fun. So we
bought cookies and gave them to Miss Lynda because she was not having
a good day. Her sister went to the hospital and she had no running
water, talk about the worst luck. So we went over with cookies and
said a prayer with her, she called us later that day to tell us her
sister was okay! Super cool! We saw Humpy too and gave him some
cookies as well. Today was the first time I could feel The Spirit
teaching him about modern day prophets. We also went transcribing
which is THE MOST BORING THING I HAVE EVER DONE!!! Basically what it
is is listening to radio talk shows and writing it down on google
docs. I had to listen to one about an author and it was really boring.
It took me about an hour to write down five lines of dialogue because
people don't know how to enunciate. Also there were tornado warnings
in the area that night so we ended up going home early.

Wednesday: We went to district meeting and right after we went to a
place with everyone called Firehouse Pizza. We bought the biggest
pizza which was about the biggest size at Ciros pizza. John (a member
from Morgantown) bought it. He was cool but really weird. Like every
time something funny would happen, he would call his friend over and
repeat the entire conversation to him. And he never really laughed he
just kind of said "isn't that funny?" He ended up doing that about 6
different times. We saw Joann, the lady who watches movies in front of
us, and she said she would come to church in the spring, very
frustrating. We ended up seeing another guy and after the lesson he
made us stay for another hour just to talk to him, usually I wouldn't
mind but my back hurt and there was so much dog hair everywhere. Also
he didn't talk about anything interesting. So it was a really long

Thursday: We had to get up early to teach seminary, which I like, but
man I hate getting up early. Today was the first day I rode my bike
(sorry everyone, I'm going to start exercising with it in the morning
though so it won't go to waste). It was really cold and I didn't bring
my gloves. We tried seeing a bunch of people, but they either weren't
there or were super busy. That day, we only saw Sister Wiebe. We
finished reading the Doctrine and Covenants with her, helped her clean
her house, and even started the non smoking program for her. It's a
really cool program because the church made it and it helps you stop
smoking IN JUST SEVEN DAYS!!! I was pretty surprised she was ready to
try it though. She kept going on and on about not wanting to do the
one with the cinnamon mouthwash. She even gave us her coffee maker to
stop! So now we have a coffee maker and some ashtrays in our
apartment. Well the ashtrays are outside because they smell, but man
just imagine what someone might think of us Mormons if they saw those
in our apartment haha.

Happy to be out on my bike!
Friday: We got up and immediately went to Sister Wiebe's to help her
start the program. She hasn't been doing everything in it (shame on
her), but we are going to force her to do it. We went to Lewisberg and
went to a referrals house that had a sign that said "this house is
protected by Smith and Wesson" and had a gun on it. Elder Ross and I
were super excited! We were like "yes! Today is the day we get a gun
pulled on us!" Unfortunately, that didn't happen. They didn't answer
the door. We went to a less active's house and he talked about the
many "Devils" that he had and that he's conquered now. Boy, let me
tell you, they weren't kidding when they said that people end up
telling you everything as a missionary. There was so much information
about him that I didn't need to know. Then we tried this one person
who was literally in the middle of nowhere and Elder Ross was scared
because it was dark and there was no light in sight and we were in a
forestish area, so he thought he was gonna die. I reassured him that I
thought it was awesome! Anyway they weren't home. They were like 15
minutes away from Lewisberg. Then we saw the Gregory's and boy do they
love to talk, but at least they were interesting. Then they offered us
an apple cobbler and I was about to say no because I was full from
eating lunch already, but Elder Ross said yes before I could say
anything. So I ended up taking a small portion of apple cobbler and
some ice cream so that I can eat it, but the pen Sister Gregory kept
giving us more plus a big tall glass of milk. And boy let me tell you
I almost threw up. It was awful, but I was able to keep it down

Saturday: We visited Sister Wiebe again and helped her clean her spoon
room again. We finally got all the stuff she didn't want out of there.
Now we just have to do something with the rest of it. We tried getting
a table in there, but it was broken so we threw it away. We saw Humpy
again, but this time we timed it wrong. You see, every time we go to
Humpy's, we always time it just right, as he is usually going inside.
This time he was still working on his car, but he let us in. We taught
him about baptism and how our church's baptisms are different than
ours because we have the priesthood authority. He understood, but he
is kind of confused. I think he is just taking it all in. Then Elder
Ross and I went home and made soup and cookies. I made the cookies.
But he took a really long time to make it and we were delivering the
soup to some people. We were late for about 40ish minutes, but it's
okay because they were just thankful they didn't have to cook for
their families while they were sick. We had some extra so we got Humpy
some too. And this time we timed it perfect because he just came back
from Walmart. He was super thankful and said that we were the nicest
young men that he has ever met.

Sunday: We went to church and it was Fast and Testimony meeting. At
first no one got up for about ten minutes, it was really awkward, then
someone finally got the ball rolling and a lot of people bore their
testimonies. Then we went home and took a nap for lunch since we were
fasting and then went to try to see people with President Coots. We
didn't really see anyone except for one person. Then we saw Sister
Wiebe right before kickoff of the Super Bowl. We read some scriptures
before it started and we got to see a couple of commercials too. We
left right after kickoff and went to a Second Baptist church. I like
going to these other churches because it helps me learn something new
(even though every time, preachers contradict themselves) and helps
reinforce my testimony of our church. They had their baptismal font
right up at the front which was weird. And the preacher couldn't stop
bringing up the Super Bowl. During the closing prayer, Elder Ross and
I saw the preacher leave. We got a kick out of that. Like "guys there
goes the preacher you just paid." Haha.

That is pretty much it this week. Let me just say that I know that God
lives and if you lean on him, he can direct our paths towards the

right way. I hope you all have a good week!

Elder Craig in a JoJo Pose

Johnny Joestar Pose

My Bike

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