Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hooked on Janice Knapp Perry

So this week, I think a lot happened. I guess you can find out for yourselves.

Monday: Nothing happened. Just P day.

Tuesday: We went to go see Tonya. Brother Abney came with us to kind of give her some people to familiarize herself with when she came to church this Sunday. We taught them the first lesson and we had a fun time seeing them. Then we saw Humpy and taught him about tithing. He said he would commit to doing that, but I'm afraid he meant for the other churches he goes to and not ours because we kind of explained why it would be bad to do it to other churches (because preachers pay themselves with that money), but he never comes to our church. We had dinner that night at the Abney's and had lasagna. And on Tuesday I forgot that I had to prepare for a training at district meeting so the next day was fun.

Wednesday: We went to district meeting, and I didn't realize I didn't have to go every single point in my topic, so I went waaaaaaaaaay too overboard on the subject. It was still good though. After district meeting we went to a restaurant called Mi Garcias. It was the absolute best Mexican food I've eaten! I got a quesadilla with cheese sauce on it and fried rice. It was so good! We helped Sister Wiebe with her grocery shopping after that. She hasn't been doing well with the smoking program but we are going to put our foot down this week. We went to a new referral and she asked for a BoM and she wasn't interested in us, just reading the book. So we gave her a card if she had questions.

Thursday: We rode our bikes around a neighborhood and tried less actives. We were unsuccessful, but I finally figured out why it was hard to ride the bike. It's because the handle bars were low, so we raised them. The only other thing that was memorable was we went to Bowling Green with the President Coots and his family for dinner. I love the Coots so much! Their kids are adorable and rowdy. And I love talking to Sister Coots. She is very easy to talk to and she is really fun. We were going to eat Logan's Road and Grill (i think it's called), but their kitchen wasn't working or something so we went to Ichiban. A Japanese place. There were TVs on and I got to see a Street Fighter V commercial and it made me miss my hobbies, but eh it's okay. I ate some yakisoba and it was delicious. Then we packed for exchanges.

Back on our bikes!
Friday: For those of you who don't know, exchanges on a mission are when either the district leader, zone leader, or assistants to the president ask you to come to their area and help teach with them or when we swap companions. So basically, we went to Nashville to go to the temple. It was awesome! So spiritual! It's so tiny though! Tinier than the Sacramento temple. Like, the church next to it was bigger than the temple!!! To get a better idea of how big it is, it's about as big as the church that I went to back home. It was great though. We also got a new car because they switch them out every something miles. We went on exchanges with the Assistants to the President (APs). I got to be with Elder Danielson. He is a great missionary and I love his personality. Kinda seems quiet but not quiet at all. We went on splits with an 18 year old named Coleman and taught a former investigator. We then went with Brother Mortenson who is the high priest quorum president (i think) and taught a less active. I didn't really teach because I never could tell where Elder Danielson was going with all of his lessons. Then we spent the night at the APs apartment which is too nice to be a missionary's. They have two floors, a balcony, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, such a nice kitchen and oh so much more! I'm very jealous of them. I apparently needed to bring sheets and pillows and stuff for sleeping. Luckily they had a extra pillow and blanket, but I still slept horribly.

Elder Ross, Elder Morgan, ELDER CRAIG, and Elder Danielson (wearing cowboy boots).

Janice Knapp Perry

Saturday: Still in the APs area. Elder Danielson took over twelve week (training) for Elder Ross and oh my gosh he has taught me so much more than Elder Ross has! He is such a great missionary! I'm jealous of his companion haha. Elder Danielson and I taught this less active the restoration and Elder Danielson told me I have improved since I came to the field. Then we drove home and came home to SO MUCH MAIL! I got three boxes and Elder Ross got two. Two boxes were from Mom and one from Carrie. Then I got a letter from Stacy and Autumn. Thank you all so much for the mail. So much candy.....too much candy....haha it'll last til the end of next winter I'm sure! Then we saw a referral who requested a Bible. We went in and she gave us too much information about her life which is always awkward. She believes that evolution shouldn't be taught in school so she is pretty interesting. She said she would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it so we will see her next week too. Her grandson sat in on the lesson too. We taught them the restoration.

My first attempt at eggs.

That's pretty much my week. Besides making eggs for breakfast this morning by myself for the first time, that's it. Enjoy this week everyone! Before I leave, I'll leave you with some pictures of Janice Kapp Perry because yes. Enjoy! The scriptures and prayer really bring you closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I hope you all continue to be obedient to Him. I'll see you all next week! Bye!

Elder Craig

Cooking up some Mac N Cheese!
Elders out tracting.

JKP - My new favorite recording artist.

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