Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Transfer #1: Complete

Well not really, it ends on Wednesday. Hello fellow friends and
family! It's time for another week of missionary life. Let's see what
Elder Craig has done this week.

Monday: Nothing. Just P day.

Tuesday: We ended up going to Nashville because it was trainer/trainee

day. So we had a bunch of workshops and whatnot. It was very nice.
President Andersen talked a lot about chastity and man there were so
many scriptures that I never even thought of would relate and wowee
zowee. I was really glad to see the MTC district again. Elder Watters,
Hamblin, McFarland, and Cox were so wonderful to see. I got to see
Sister Mortensen, who is in my district, I enjoyed talking to her
about super heroes and stuff. I got to see Sister Christensen too! I
talked to her during the plane ride to Nashville. She is great. I'm
really glad President Coots was able to drive us. The only thing that
was bad was his son was sick. I had to hold up a trash can while he
was puking and take care of him in the back seat. Sister Wiebe called
us during the meeting and she kind of gave up on the smoking program.
The meeting lasted from 8-4. Long day.

The MTC District is back again!
Elder Cox, Elder Hamblin, Elder Watters, ELDER CRAIG, Elder McFarland
Wednesday: We had our last district meeting for the transfer. Elder
Groll is going home. RIP in pepperoni. We went to cheer up Sister
Wiebe, and she wants to keep trying. Just on Sunday. So that she could
get a blessing and ask for help from the branch. We saw Humpy that
day. We asked if he truly believes in the stuff we are teaching him
and he said yes. We tried pushing him to come to church, but he wants
time to think about it. We offered to give him a tour of the church
which he accepted. If we give him a tour of the church, he might be
more comfortable coming. Then we taught seminary. Elder Ross had me
teach 2 Samuel 12-24. I was really pressured to get it all done in
thirty minutes because we were late. Plus the lesson was a bit awkward
because there was a lot of rape talk. So yeah. The youth were great,
but they were getting on my nerves a bit because I needed to teach the
lesson. Alyssa, one of the youth, stole my iPad and wrote some very
nice words on there. It made my entire day, honestly. She steals my
iPad a lot. Then we went to the BoM class and read one chapter and
then an institute teacher came in and started teaching us so much that
I thought he was just sharing the entire gospel to us. I actually
loved listening to him because institute teachers are really smart
(shout-out to Brother Watkins).

Thursday: We saw an investigator and we're teaching him the gospel of

Jesus Christ. We somehow got onto the topic that Heavenly Father is a
spirit. We started to kind of tell him that Heavenly Father has a
body, but he refused to accept it and we just stopped arguing because
we didn't want to offend anyone. We tried tracting people, but they
either weren't interested or weren't home. We tracted into this one
girl who might let us come back, but we will see. Elder Ross and I
talked a lot about weddings and the cost and whatnot during dinner.
Weddings are very expensive. Makes me not want to get married.
Hahahahahahaha yeah right. I'm totally gonna, it sounds awesome.

Friday: Nothing memorable happened except we went tracting and a bunch

of people weren't super interested. And surprisingly, tracting is fun.
I thought it would super depress me, but it's actually a lot of fun. I
almost got a door slammed in my face....so close. I really like
tracting, but I hope we get more investigators than uninterested
people. We gave one guy a pamphlet and he gave us a dvd called
"Searching for Truth," which is a dvd on how to find a true church. We
watched the entire thing over the weekend and wow do they take
scripture out of context.

Saturday: We saw Sister Wiebe and helped her clean house for a couple hours. We are almost done with the spoon room. We saw a potential and taught her a lesson outside of her house. Then we went to clean the church. After that we gave Humpy a tour of the church. Humpy was wearing a gold tooth where his missing tooth was! It was weird. Anyway he really liked the church. We went tracting and found a new potential named Johnny (my favorite Jojo). Then we saw Tim, the guy who was drunk that one time. He was sober and he is actually a really cool guy. He loves Clash of Clans to the bone and works at a magazine printing place I think. He can't come to church because of work, but he admitted that he had Word of Wisdom problems which is good.

Sunday: I gave a talk about Making and Keeping Sacred Covenants.

Apparently it went well. It's weird only talking to fifty people about
it. I felt like the only people who listened were the Abneys. It was a
little difficult writing the talk (mostly because I procrastinated)
but it was good. During Sunday School, Alyssa stole my iPad along with
my notebook and wrote me another message. They always make my day for
some reason because they are funny but also sweet. We contacted a
referral and gave her a Bible and we contacted a potential who are
apparently looking for a church to go to, so that'll be fun. We went
to First Baptist for an evening church. There were only thirteen other
people there. Plus it was boring and I thought the "substitute"
preacher just went on tangents. It was weird.

So last couple of things that I thought would be funny to share. My

companion and I were talking about how Naruto was on Cartoon Network
at one point and he had never heard of it and he just randomly said
out of the blue, "I watched Courage the Cowardly Dog if they made that
an anime." I couldn't stop laughing. Another thing is that he
mentioned that he played a couple of video games before and he
mentioned how he and his last companion had a conversation about what
you use to play video games with. Apparently, his companion was smart
and called it a controller, but my companion says that he calls it a,
and I kid you not, a paddle. Please everyone who is reading this,
please tell me why anyone would call a controller a paddle. It's not
like you can row a boat with it (very effectively) and it's not
usually used as something to beat your kids with, so please enlighten
me, friends and family. And I thought "oh the wii remote make sense
because you use motion controls" but he told me that he played the
SNES first, so I can't even....

I'll have to probably leave early today because I have to see Johnny

at around 5. But it was very nice telling you all about my week. I can
feel my mind wanting to say y'all, but when I try to say it, my mind
also thinks immediately "that's incorrect grammar." So yeah I'm not
sure when I'll say it according to my free will, but I'll let you
know! Can you guys believe it's almost been two months since I've been
out?! It's so crazy! It's going by pretty fast! People have reassured
me though that it goes by much much faster, so I'm half excited about
that. I just wanted you all to know that I love you. I know that
Heavenly Father loves you, even if you don't think so. Remember to
always trust in The Lord. He will guide your path if you lean on Him
and not yourself. Proverbs 3:5-6. I'll talk to you all next week!

Elder Craig

Russellville District 

My current district from left to right - 
Sister Merrell, Sister Mortensen, ELDER CRAIG, way in back is Elder Haley the district leader, Elder Ross, Elder Groll (RIP in pepperoni).The two on the ground are
Elder Anders on the left and Elder Mecham on 
the right. 

Humpy all dressed up with his gold tooth in.

Elder Ross, Humpy, ELDER CRAIG

Humpy and his wife

Elder Ross and ELDER CRAIG

Sister Wiebe gave us unleavened bread and they are basically the
biggest, most awful crackers you will ever eat!

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