Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spiritual Week

Hey! I hope you have had a good week this week. I certainly have,
let's look at the highlights.

Monday: We were going to go roller skating with the youth but it
turned out to be at night and we couldn't go. We went to see Humpy and
we watched a video called The Restoration with him. It's a 20 minute
video about the first vision and I encourage all the missionaries
reading this to have investigators watch it if they are on the
borderline of "this church is true." It really shows them the Spirit
and I have never felt The Spirit so strong in my life. We advised
Humpy to get baptized, so he doesn't lose that feeling ever again. He
said he would think about it and that he had questions for next time.

Tuesday: We saw a new investigator, who looked confused the entire
time we taught her, although that's her normal face so I wasn't quite
sure. We gave her a Book of Mormon though and encouraged her to read
it. We went to Sister Wiebe's house and she wasn't having a good day.
She like had a bunch of arguments at the doctors office for some
reason and so we listened to a really long story about that. We ended
up helping sort through an entire box of pictures with her and there
are so many pictures but it made her happy so that's good. We had
sloppy joes at the Abneys house and it was really good. We ended up
tracting into a long time investigator that Elder Ross thought moved
to Nashville, it was fun meeting them.

Wednesday: We got to see Dick today. The guy who is basically super
rich and had the most interesting life. Before we got to the door,
Elder Ross told me that Dick likes me more than him. I thought he was
just kidding, but sure enough when he answered the door, Dick said
"how are you?" to Elder Ross and "GOOD TO SEE YOU!" to me. I couldn't
help but laugh to myself a little bit. We went to a China Buffet place
with him to eat lunch and it was so good! We got fortune cookies at
the end and I usually get pretty excited about fortune cookies because
I like the fortune a lot. It was the most disappointing fortune ever.
I guess they were advertising Kung Fu Panda 3 so they had Kung Fu
Panda 3 fortunes in them. All it said was "Po says: if Po asks you for
this cookie, give it to him." Everyone else got real fortunes and I
felt like I was cheated. It was a funny experience though. We went to
Book of Mormon class that night and they started to talk about Ouija
boards. They were all serious about it and talking about how people
have had "bad spirits" around their friends or family after they used
it. I was super confused. I thought, "oh maybe it's just a
stereotypical thing for southerners to believe in." But sure enough,
Elder Ross believed in it too. I was super weirded out. I just have
always thought of it as a "tale" I guess. Like how kids go to an
abandoned house because they heard it was haunted. But I don't even

Thursday: We had a zone meeting in Clarksville. It was really fun.
They called me up for a role play and I was super nervous. I ended up
talking about the Atonement in the role play and when I was done I was
expecting a bunch of reviews of what I could do better, but I got five
out of seven reviews telling me on what I did good. I felt good that I
am doing a lot better than I expected. We saw two new investigators
that we met last week, named Mary and Marilyn. We taught them the Plan
of Salvation and they told us that every time we teach them, that we
just glow. It was very sweet of them to say that.

Found this Cool Cow on the way to Clarksville!

Friday: Before we did weekly planning, we went to Fran's house. She
said she had a bunch of chores that needed to get done, but she ended
up having us stay for two hours to help her pay her car payment. After
we planned, we tried to see so many people, but no one ended up being
there, so we ended up tracting for most of the day. We got two
potential investigators and one new investigator. I was proud of
myself because I was the one that talked to the new one and got her to
be interested. I also started to read Our Search For Happiness. It is
a really good book about understanding our church. I found a bunch of
scriptures we could use for teaching. It's really good and I recommend
all missionaries should read the missionary reference library.

Saturday: We saw Sister Wiebe and ended up staying for like four hours
to help her with service. We cleaned and cleaned. We also ended up
making lunch at her house. It was the greasiest chicken I have ever
tasted. I could feel myself actually gaining weight from it. We saw a
bunch of people after that, including Humpy (law of chastity), Sister
Summers (a video about following the Holy Ghost), and the Carr family
(a conference talk about following the prophet).

Sunday: We went to church and I bore my testimony. A lot of people
really liked it. We also went to primary during third hour because
they wanted us to tell them what a missionary is like. We told them
our daily schedule and they asked questions. The primary teacher asked
who wants to go on a mission and everyone raised their hands. So they
asked us if we watch TV or something and we told them no. We kept
answering questions and someone shouted, "being a missionary sounds
boring!" I couldn't help but laugh super hard at that. It made my day.
We answered a lot of questions and it was great. I'm glad I got to
crush some kids dreams. Haha. We went to a Church of Christ and we
realized it's the same church that gave us that dvd. They sang
accappella (I forget how to spell it), and didn't read the Bible
correctly. They just summarized it and didn't read it. Weird. Then we
came home and cleaned the apartment. There was no one that we saw that

That is pretty much my week. I hope you all have a good week. Remember
that true happiness comes from keeping the commandments of God (Mosiah
2:41) and wickedness is never happiness (Alma 41:10). Be sure to keep
the commandments and I challenge you all to improve on one commandment
and see if it doesn't make you happier. For example, if you have a
hard time praying, pray more often, or if you don't study the
scriptures enough, read a verse a day at least. I promise you will
become happier if you strive to keep the commandments. Once again have
a good week, I will talk to you all next week!

Elder Craig

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